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Clearance and Delivery

We provide full Export/Import customs process

Clearance and delivery
All importing and exporting shipments must pass through customs clearance process as per the rules and regulations of the country and the nature of the goods imported or exported. We at s PTLH renders our clearance service supported by our knowledge and experience of the customs laws and regulations and how to deal with all kind of shipments.
PTLH clearance team help customers in identifying the needed documents for the clearance process whether export or import such as Commercial Invoice, packing list, air way bill or bill of lading in addition to any other requirements for special shipments or even for DG (Dangerous Goods)
PTLH team believes that our role is not limited only to the provision of clearance service but it extends to ensure smooth delivery of the cargo to our customers premises. This include the provision of trucking service in addition to labor and any other handling tools that might be needed and that can be tailored to customers’ demands. We believe we should always go to the Extra Mile to keep our customers satisfied.
International Services
Private TLH renders multi international services that fit market demands and customers actual needs.
• Air Freight: ranges from minimum weight breaks up to charter flights
o Import orders from world wide
o Export orders to world wide
• Sea Freight: all kind of FCL
o Import requests world wide
o Export requests to world wide
• Consolidation
• Project Cargo
• DG
• Cargo surveillance:
o Providing third party alliance for quality assurance
• Special cargo expertise ( Pharmaceuticals handling)
• Local Mail & NGO courier

• Domestic Services
Air Cargo
• Private (TLH) provides two way door to door, door to port and port to port tonnage transportation as well as charter flights provision of domestic cargo by air freight.

• Equipped with a proper understanding of the local market needs, connections with the appropriate vendors as well as a well-trained operation and customer service team for follow up and updates, all this enable us to provide satisfactory solutions.
Land Trucking
• Private (TLH) provides land trucking services upon demand, this include the provision of various types of trucks and other land transportation machinery and equipment. In addition Private (TLH) can provide frozen trucks upon demand.

• This service is suitable for government, non-government, NGOS as well as commercial bodies.

International Standards
Without standards we can’t cope with stake holders’ demands and needs and hence we adopt and implement international criteria and standards


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